Mixed Up Morning

My heart sank when the plumber text on Thursday to ask whether they good upgrade the gas to my new boiler at 8am this morning. I mean seriously, it’s Easter weekend and my only opportunity to have a lie in as everyone else would be away this morning. I envisaged a lie in, relaxing bath and popping to the shops for a browse on my own, as cabin fever has well and truly hit after being in hospital and at home for over a month. 
But alas, I got up at 7am to clear the space they needed and now the pup and I are upstairs staying away from the plumbers. Pup isn’t happy with the banging and drilling  and I have allowed her to curl up next to me on the bed. I however, just discovered that The Sword in the Stone is on the TV which made me so happy. My sister and I used to watch this at my grandparents house when we were kids and it brought back so many memories instantaneously. So here I am, no kids in the house watching a Disney classic on my bed, thinking about the amount of chocolate I’m going to consume this weekend, crafts we can do with the girls (I love the chick wreath above that I found on Etsy) and hoping that the dry weather will hold out so I can get to the shops a bit later without a car (not being able to drive this last month is driving me insane!). Maybe I should make the most of this time to tidy upstairs before everyone gets home later ……. **reaches for nail varnish**
Enjoy your Easter weekend whatever you’re doing.
Amy xx 

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