Days Out // Easter Fun


I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend? How amazing was the weather? It felt like a summers day yesterday and it was so nice to be out in the fresh air with no coat or boots. 
We spent most of the weekend out and about with the dogs, Honey has come on so much in the two weeks since we’ve had her. She’s doubled in size and is such an enthusiastic pup who thrives alongside our Husky, Maya. Maya also seems to be enjoying teaching her how to be naughty though, which resulted in five escapes from the garden yesterday and a lab pup now howling like a husky!

Above are just a few iPhone pictures from Easter Sunday and Monday. We spent a day exploring the Brecon Beacons and then stopped off at Sand Bay in Somerset on our way back on Monday. I’ll be posting more on our day at Garwnant Visitor Centre when I’ve edited some photos, but i’m ashamed to say that I’d forgotten how beautiful Brecon was even though it has been on my doorstep for so many years. I’d truly recommend a visit if you’re after a free day out in the fresh air and it was made all the more enjoyable with our pups.
 It looks like the beautiful weather is here to stay a bit longer and we are continuing to enjoy picnics in the garden and trips to the park to make the most of the school holidays. The girls are actually in their swimsuits playing on the slide with the hosepipe whilst I get on with some work. We really weren’t expecting this beautiful weather for the holidays but we’re very much enjoying it and looking forward to summer!
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