Lifestyle // Country Escape

I used to find Somerset too quiet and too claustrophobic. For the city girl in me it was empty with nothing going on and nothing within easy reach. These days that’s exactly what I love about it, it’s my escape and although it’s the polar opposite of Cardiff with only one village shop, the relaxing appearance is deceptive as there’s plenty going on if you take the time to look, especially at this time of year. 

This week I’ve laid outside listening to the neigh of the horses at the bottom of the garden, the birds singing and the tiny ‘baas’ of newborn lambs. We’ve taken daily walks down the lanes with the dogs at dusk, stopping to watch the sheep and spotting new lambs whilst watching the most beautiful sunsets framed by the hills and trees, alongside the smells of the spring flowers and wild garlic that’s growing in masses at the side of the lane. 
We’ve enjoyed picnics and the girls have played out with the slide, hose pipe and trampoline, whilst the dogs have played for hours outside (and may have escaped out of the garden to neighbouring fields on more than one occasion). We have watched our pup grow in both size and confidence learning from Maya who has taken the most motherly of roles. 
I will always need the buzz of the city in my life, but the slower pace of the countryside is growing on me gives the children a wealth of experiences and opportunities to learn that you just don’t get in the city. 
For now though I’m back in South Wales in time for the weekend and actually had to remind myself to check what day it was. I’ve definitely embraced the long, leisurely days and also the Prosecco and rugby-esque Easter eggs!
Enjoy your weekend.
Amy xx  

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