Productive Mornings & Pretty Things

I’m so relieved to get back to some sort of normality this morning. I haven’t been able to work for six weeks due to my car accident and I’ve had Megan at home for almost four weeks due to her having tonsillitis and the Easter Holidays. Although I’ve enjoyed our days out and relaxed mornings I have been eager to get back to being organised and moving forward with my business and blog. After getting back behind the wheel and driving again towards the end of last week, the anxiety and stress made me feel very unwell this weekend. This morning though I am feeling much more confident and motivated and I have already taken on a new intern for the summer, which will be a welcome help as I try and manage a few projects.
I don’t know about you but I love spring colours, I love having pretty things around me (especially notebooks and flowers) they help inspire me both personally and in my work. I will definitely be popping out to pick some pretty tulips later and looking at giving this little blog a makeover. It feels good to be back in the land of the living and I’m feeling positive about catching up with all I’ve missed the last six weeks.
What motivates you at the beginning of the week?
Amy xx
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