Spring Mornings

Over the last month a new routine has developed in the mornings. After dropping Megan to school, Honey and I stop at the common where she loves to run around chasing balls, sticks and birds off the lead. Simple things that give her so much pleasure after spending the beginning of her life chained up in a back yard. She’s so easily pleased – a lot of love, food, cuddles and a play and she is one happy pup and this new morning routine has also done me a lot of good also. 
The landscape here in Wales is so beautiful and spending an hour in the morning with just the dog and the hills for company is helping by being a little bit of calm to what is  turning out to be a pretty dark place in our lives right now. It’s a time and a place for reflection and contemplation, giving me hope that this storm will pass and we will still been standing at the end of it, just as these hills and our beautiful dogs who have seen so much hate and despair, yet are now flourishing in their new lives.


 The hills and the coast have always been powerful places for me to get away to. Where do you go to escape and clear your head?
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