50 Things That Make Me Happy

The lovely Leanne of A Slice of My Life Wales tagged me in a post 50 Things That Make Me Happy a few days ago. I’ve been on a bit of a downer the last few weeks (major understatement), but we ended last week on a happier note so here’s a cheerier start to this week! 
So here are 50 things that make me smile.

  1. Cuddles with my man
  2. Our girls being happy
  3. Our dogs
  4. Our cat
  5. Hydrangeas
  6. Perfume
  7. Nashville (the TV programme)
  8. Period dramas (Downton, I’m looking at you)
  9. Going to the gym
  10. New Shoes
  11. Paris
  12. Beach holidays
  13. Walking the dogs in the country
  14. Getting home to my man on a Friday night
  15. Getting lost in a book
  16. Prosecco
  17. Completing a project
  18. Building my business
  19. A successful blog post
  20. Bath Spa with my man
  21. Motorsport (it takes up a huge part of our lives)
  22. Music
  23. A bubble bath after a long day
  24. A good nights sleep
  25. Yankee candles


  26. A good make up day
  27. Museum events / launch nights
  28. History
  29. Out bunnies 
  30. A day without meltdowns and bickering
  31. Helping people
  32. Date nights
  33. Log fires
  34. Healthy eating
  35. A tidy house
  36. Making lists and completing them
  37. Hot chocolate with marshmallows
  38. Quite days at home
  39. Friends
  40. Clean sheets
  41. Apple crumble and custard
  42. Stationery
  43. Photos
  44. Handbags
  45. A good film
  46. Thai food
  47. Smoothies
  48. Planning our future
  49. Chocolate brownies
  50. This guy……
    What things make you happy?


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