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I’m in need of a distraction this morning, so forgive me if I ramble on. We’ve had a very busy weekend with a stay in South Wales for two special girls birthdays, Megan turned thirteen and my lovely little niece turned five. I can’t actually believe that I am the mother of a teenager but I’m so proud of how my beautiful girl is adjusting to the changes we’ve made to our lives recently and hope that her thirteenth year is a good one for her where she can develop and settle into a happier place.

Saturday was spent doing a few things around the house and then driving over the bridge just after lunch where we picked up some last minute presents and her usual birthday breakfast of pain au chocolate. It was lovely to have family and friends visit us later that day and I was quite glad that it left us pushed for time resulting in a takeaway for dinner.  Sunday was more of the same, Megan woke up pretty early to open her presents (not being amused by us all still being asleep) and my parents, sister, niece and nephew called over with more presents. Megan finally made up her mind which restaurant she wished to eat at later that day, so a reservation was made for twelve before I got to enjoy a bath, which I had been eagerly awaiting. I still have the keys for my house in South Wales and we only have a shower in Somerset until the extension and other alterations are completed, so I made the most of every minute!

We had a lovely lunch at Frankie & Benny’s in Nantgarw, I haven’t been the biggest fan in the past but our server was lovely, so were the cocktails, if you visit definitely try the Blueberry Daiquiri and the Mango Colada (Tim refused to go and order me a Yellow Bird) and my steak was delicious! She loved her Taylor Swift guitar cake, the photo doesn’t do it justice the silver was glittery and sparkly, Tim’s friend did a fantastic job! Best of all, Megan had a lovely lunch with her favourite people and got to share it all with her baby cousin Olivia whose birthday is the following day.  When our waitress realised it was Livvy’s birthday aswell she went away and came back with something just for her to celebrate aswell, it was a lovely gesture and meant so much. Megan and Livvs have always been close but this year their birthdays held even more significance. As I am typing this, our beautiful girl has just gone into theatre for a five hour operation. Over May Bank Holiday our little Livvs was diagnosed with cancer at just four years of age which has turned our world upside down. Just a few days later she had a 3.5 operation and started chemotherapy.

 This morning, after scans showed the tumour has been shrunk by the chemo, they are removing the kidney and deciding on the next course of action. Nobody should have to face this, let alone a child so young, yet has been so brave, happy and completely inspirational.  It has all  certainly put life into perspective, I’m so proud of my beautiful family and have never been more proud of my sister than I am now. Her strength and resilience has been outstanding through all of this and I’m not sure how she is managing to cope so well, watching your baby go through so much. Olivia has her mothers strength and if anyone can beat this it is her, but I’d be grateful if you could keep them in your prayers today so that our darling princess and bundle of joy can kick cancer’s butt for good.
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4 thoughts on “Lifestyle // Birthdays, Blessings and Prayers

  1. Haidee says:

    That made me tear up, the world is so unfair to have this happen to a beautiful little 4 year old. I hope she gets better quickly and beats it. Looks like you had a lovely day day though. #teamIBOT


  2. Nadia says:

    Sorry – your niece and your family. I need some sleep so I can read more accurately. We are still in the toddler years in our family and my two just don't sleep. It's taking it's toll!


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