Brightening Grey Days

Oh what a Monday morning! The washing machine has just exploded so the kitchen and dining room stink of smoke, not to mention the pile of wet washing I now have as well as the mountain that still needs washing. The dog is ignoring me as yesterday she dragged me down the lane, taking a chunk out of my hand, elbow and knee. Not quite sure what got into her as she has never done anything like that before but after a telling off she is sulking and will be starting obedience classes asap! Numerous things have been sent to try us this weekend but we have made it through and now onto the positive.
A big thank you to everyone who sent messages and prayers for my niece and family after this post last week. I am pleased to say that the operation to remove her tumour and kidney went as planned and she is healing well. She is an absolute star and is amazing doctors and us alike with how she is overcoming every challenge with a smile and “let’s do this” attitude. At five years of age, it just blows me away.
I took the girls into Bath yesterday where the girls made their first ever Lush purchases (the shampoo bars were a hit). The staff were so lovely and introduced me to their spa treatments which is one thing they don’t do in the Cardiff store. As soon as the girls are back in school, I’m booking myself in! I can’t believe the lack of Starbucks in this area though and I was determined to find the one that I knew existed. After twenty minutes of “I think it’s down this road”, I was rewarded with my fix of soya peppermint hot chocolate overlooking the Abbey and we headed back home to light the log fire and make a lasagne. It seems more like November than July but we enjoyed a cosy, family evening all the same. The skies are still grey today and we’re  not venturing far but the beautiful flowers Tim bought me look cheerful and are brightening things up in our house.
I hope you had a good weekend and did something to brighten up the days. Now, who wants to help with the washing?
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3 thoughts on “Brightening Grey Days

  1. Haidee says:

    So glad your nieces operation went well, it never ceases to amaze me the strength these kids show through the worst of times. It sounds like she is surrounded by love though and I hope she makes a full recovery. Dumb about the washing machine though! That sucks! My washing machine works fine but the weather is rubbish so it is piling up every day and I can't dry it anywhere! Sucks being the home keeper!


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