What I Wore // Racing Weekend

It seems like forever since I published an outfit post, it has got to have been at least a year I’m guessing. I’ve not been in a very good place with my appearance and in all honesty I haven’t really bought all that many new clothes to share. All of the pieces in this outfit are at least a year old and I’ve been working with what I already have. I suppose at least I’m living in a new place now and not many people will have seen the contents of my wardrobe.
We had an extended weekend this week as Friday was our youngest’s birthday. We headed to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway late afternoon where I got over excited at all the shops (living in the country just doesn’t hit it for shopping) and came back with a massive Boots haul! Dinner and a few cocktails hit the spot perfectly at TGI Friday’s before heading home.
Sunday we travelled up to Herefordshire for a British round of the Autograss championship and the weather was beautiful. This Miso jumpsuit was perfect with a chambray shirt and comfortable Next sandals. The dogs enjoyed being outside all day, hiding in the van when the heat became too much and all the attention they received whilst walking around the track. The girls (human and canine) all fell asleep on the trip home so we headed back via Monmouthshire and were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in peace. And now we are already half way through the next week, how has that happened? Time to get the kids kitted up in school uniform ready to start the new term and then maybe I can start looking to change up my wardrobe ready for autumn 🙂



One thought on “What I Wore // Racing Weekend

  1. Cate @ Wild Ruffle says:

    I don't think you have to wear new clothing to have a style post – I'm actually more inspired by people who don't have an unlimited shopping budget to share their style with others. I think this jumpsuit is great on you. 🙂


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