New Horizons // Introducing ‘The Cherished’

I’ve talked about it plenty of times on this little space but I love September. For me it seems like the beginning of a new year (can’t you tell I’m an academic?!), bringing with it new opportunities and challenges, whilst the sun is hopefully still shining with just a hint of crispness in the air. Of course the children returned to school last week (major fist pumping going on in this house!) which is giving me the opportunity for a fresh start after a challenging and emotional summer moving to a new part of the country.

As with every September that has passed since I left university, I am slightly envious of anyone starting or returning to university for a new year. Yes, I am the girl who obsesses over new notebooks , pens and the obligatory ‘new term’ bag. There’s something refreshing about opening a new book with crisp, unwritten on pages and although I’m not returning this year I will be implementing change and fresh starts this month.
I’ve been super busy and stressed the last few weeks trying to revamp this space. I’ve been wanting to rebrand for a little while but I was struggling to think of a name that was suitable and what I wanted to do with the aesthetics and to be honest the thought of mastering html, domain tranfers etc just scared me! Making Our Own Way was born at a time where my life was a rollercoaster, I was putting my life back together after a break up and figuring out who I really was instead of who I’d been moulded into, how to be a single mum to a daughter with additional needs whilst taking care of my own health issues and where I really wanted to go with my life. There have been a lot of ups and downs and whilst some of these obstacles undoubtedly remain, I’m finally in a place where my life should be more settled and I can move on from the uncertainty of the past.
As my life has moved on to a new phase it felt only natural that this blog should also. The Cherished has been brewing for a while and sleekly fits alongside my business Cherished Heritage and I’m looking forward to developing my brand as a whole. 
I hope that you like the new look here and that you’ll stick around to join me in this new phase and perhaps join me on my Facebook page here. My other social media channels have remained the same and can be found on the right.

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