The Friday Five

Ah October, it’s now officially ok to enjoy pumpkin spiced drinks, wear tartan prints and cosy jumpers. I’m making the most of the summer like days, but winter is definitely on its way and I’m enjoying the cooler nights and crisp mornings. On this mornings dog walk, I definitely felt the chill in the air, my hands and ears were telling me that it will soon be time for a hat and gloves. A couple of hours later though and the fog has cleared and the sun is shining. I’m sticking with the tartan shirt I’m wearing though, I’ve been waiting until it was time to get it out of storage!
So this week has been incredibly busy. It was my birthday over the weekend and I was so spoilt, it quite possibly tops the ‘best birthday ever’ list! I’ve not written about it yet but we enjoyed a lovely day with my family coming over to visit and all of the children playing in the hot tub for the afternoon. My Mulberry gluten free birthday cake is the first of my Friday Five, I loved it and it was a big surprise.
I’ve spent a fair bit on new make up and brushes over the summer. A few weeks ago I picked up a few L’Oreal lipsticks as I wanted to re-vamp my autumn look. I love a red lip but have not always been  confident wearing it, however Red Passion (shade 297) is perfect and left me feeling much more feisty and able to kick a bad days a*s last week and was also featured on L’Oreal’s social media channels.  A big thumbs up to brighter make up!
My UV gel nails from Glam Nails, Cardiff are probably the best nails I’ve ever had. No exaggeration, I’ve had them for three weeks now and with three children, copious amounts of washing and soaking in the hot tub almost every day, they’ve not chipped, lifted or felt false for the entire time. Apart from being in need of in fills next week they look as good as new and have generated lots of compliments. Most people seem to think Cardiff is too far to go to get their nails done, but it’s the perfect excuse every three weeks to catch up with my bestie!
The Rugby World Cup hitting England and Cardiff. I’m Welsh – need I say more!

Looking up at the stars at night, whilst the kids are in bed and we’re lying in the hot tub. We could be anywhere looking up at the night sky. I missed the blood moon but seeing the super moon just a few hours before was the perfect end to my birthday. Did any of you get any decent pictures of it? I’d completely forgotten to charge my camera so my iPhone had to do. Major fail!
So this weekend is going to be quite quiet I think. A bottle of bubbly in the garden tonight, some things to get done around the house before the wet weather gets here and a family day back in Wales Sunday for my dads retirement and before they head off to America. What plans do you have? Catch you all Monday!

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