#CityCountryLife // Life Lately

I’ve loved the sunny, warm weather that we’ve been having recently. Life lately has consisted of making the most of it, whether that be strolling around the garden centre picking out plants, afternoons tidying up the garden and brightening it up, or picnics and walks with the family back home in Wales.

The poor dogs aren’t enamoured with the heat, what with having masses of husky fluff and a jet black coat; so have been searching out the shade and enjoying water bowls full of ice until the cooler evenings arrive.

Meals have got lighter consisting of delicious, bright salads with fish or picnic food and bubbly and moods are generally lifted.

I’ve done the opposite to most when the summer months arrive and had my hair coloured darker, but it looks so much better and hopefully will be set off nicely with glowing skin if the sun continues.

But in true British form, as soon as we get excited because the sandals and sunglasses are out, the rain reappears and the pups are not happy as they don’t want to go out in the rain either. With it set to last for a while, at least the flowers don’t need watering for a few days

Boxset, blankets and ice cream anyone until the sun returns?

Amy xx 

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