Health // Escaping & Refocusing


What I’d give to be sat by the sea in some tropical location right now, with the sun beating down on my face and the sea lapping up at my skin and not just because the mother of all thunderstorms has just ended (well it had when I first started writing this post!).

The need for an escape has been building up for quite some time and I know that I am not the only one feeling like the outside world is growing increasingly hostile and toxic. I made the decision two weeks ago to stay off Facebook for a little while, I turned off my notifications and to be completely honest I didn’t miss it one bit.

As jetting off into the sun isn’t an option at the moment I’m having to try and centre myself again from the comfort of my own home. After a few months of not eating aswell as I should and not really training I’ve started to turn that around and get back on track. I’ve started training the past two weeks and getting my eating back to as clean as possible. I’m not being too strict on it at the moment as I have a meal plan in place which has specific goals but I have to ease my head back into the game for it to work. I’m struggling with motivation at the moment and don’t seem to have the same enthusiasm as I usually do when it comes to working out.


Without wanting to sound too hippy-ish, to help get back into the place where my head needs to be I have turned back to meditation podcasts. I don’t know why I stopped really as just ten minutes makes such a difference to my sense of well being and ability to cope with the outside world.  A few people have asked which I use so I thought that it would be handy to post them here.

There are numerous sites that offer guided meditations and a quick search on the web or iTunes will bring up a good selection. I found The Meditation Podcast a few years ago when I was going through a particularly difficult phase of insomnia. To be completely honest I laughed at the narrative on the podcasts for the first couple of listens, but I stuck with it and I usually fell asleep before it ended. There are currently 34 episodes to choose from which deal with various issues such as calming the body, fear, positive thoughts and sleep. Another podcast that I have used is Meditation Oasis. Both are free with the option to donate if you find them useful and I want to stress that this is not a sponsored post, just something that I’ve found makes a difference to my  motivation and well being. Fingers crossed with a good cleanse and a new mindset I’ll be back to tackle my goals and everything else that is thrown my way!

Amy xx 


8 thoughts on “Health // Escaping & Refocusing

  1. Emily says:

    I’ve just come back from holiday, but it was far from relaxing as it was with my hubby and four year old twins! It was really enjoyable and we had a great time, but a beach on my own, even for a day, would be bliss! Meditation is appealing though x


  2. Kerry Norris says:

    No chance with my 2 little ones around but this is something I should be doing. I’ll have to check out the podcasts x


  3. EssentiallyJess says:

    I’ve been considering taking a FB break lately. I feel like there is just so much noise in my head and part of that is social media.
    Loving your new blog look and profile picture as well. You look lovely.


    • amycherished says:

      Ah thank you Jess, it was well overdue an overhaul. I know exactly how you feel, I got to breaking point with it all, burst into tears and that was that! I think I should do it more regularly, although not the tears because that might make me a crazy lady! x


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