Friday Favourites

It’s been a while since I’ve written a favourites post and I didn’t fancy posting what was planned after all today, so here’s this instead! Things have gotten a bit deep and depressing lately don’t you think? So here’s some snippets of some of the highlights of life this week.

Taking the dogs to the beach in Weston Super Mare for a relaxing lunchtime walk sans children. It was the perfect weather for a stroll, the sun was out, there was no breeze and the dogs had a good run about and play.

All lovely until we got locked out of the car which resulted in four people, a JCB, crowbar and wire coat hanger required to retrieve the keys from the drivers seat. I kid you not, you couldn’t make this stuff up!

Sitting down for an hour or two at the salon for a colour, cut and to switch off from the outside world! Love being welcomed with a pot of tea and biscuits on a Monday morning.

I spent a fab day at Millfield Athletic Track for the Mendip Primary Schools Mini Olympics. As much as I love coaching higher level athletes, the enthusiasm, excitement and team spirit from the children was a breath of fresh air. There were also some extremely talented youngsters who I hope / look forward to seeing coming through the ranks in the future but every child gave it their all and the rain stayed away!

A bit blurry taken last night but I never have to worry about sleeping alone – these two won’t have it!

And now it’s Friday, I’m at home writing this in bed (dogs have resumed their positions) with re-runs of Friends on the TV and it’s almost time to open a bottle of bubbly for the weekend 🙂

Have a good one

Amy xx

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