Friday Favourites

Kurt Geiger Woven Annie Tote

The weather has been so good to us this week (minus the interruption of rain yesterday. I love this mini heatwave and being able to work outside in a bikini while topping up my tan, I’d call that the best example of multi tasking.

As I wrote on Wednesday by night the fibro pain has been almost unbearable so I’ve not been able to do much, but laying in the sun during the day has helped alot.

Here are some of my favourite things from this week…..

  • It was my daughters 14th birthday this week which coincided with the hottest day of the year so far. While she shopped with her sister and friend at The Mall at Vribbs Causeway, we made the most of a quiet hour and to cool down a bit with an ice cold Savage Ice Prosecco and slice of gluten free cake at Scavi & Ray.
  • Working in the sun. Enough said. Although convinced that I’m definitely suited to a warmer climate I’ve scoured Pinterest to look for my perfect sun terrace to work every day.


  • It may be too hot to even consider wearing trainers or boots but there’s nothing wrong with some advanced planning and window shopping. The new Gina AW collection is to die for! I’m loving these Sita Silk Pannelled trainers and the Boheme Black Suede and Diamante boots, which will be available soon. Plus if you can’t contemplate winter yet there’s always a selection of beautiful sandals to swoon over!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the sun and have a great weekend 🙂

Amy xx


With Some Grace

4 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. Taylor says:

    Is it bad that the cake was the first thing that popped out at me? Haha. Also that is a beautiful shade of nail polish. I’ve stopped painting mine (lack of time) but I might start up again. Thanks for sharing!


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