Summer Changes

So August is here and we’re smack bang into the school summer holidays (ahem, weather take note!). As the lack of posts around here will no doubt show I’ve been struggling to juggle everything since the kids broke up and as previous summers will also show, I was a bit crazy to think that this year I could manage it all.

It’s kinda stressed me out a bit to be honest and made writing all the more difficult, so in order to relieve some of the stress and improve the quality of my posts I’m going to change things up here a bit for the summer.

Until September, I’ll be posting three times a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m not too sure of the format yet, however one will definitely be fitness related as I need to be accountable through the summer months and have a reminder to actually work out.

From September however I’ll be ramping things up here and this blog will be turning a corner with new, regular features which reflect my life as it stands now. I’m looking forward do documenting my new found inspiration and building this space into something bigger.

In the meantime I’ll be hoping for lots of sun, fun family days out and enjoying the time developing my content for the coming months.

See you back here Wednesday

Amy xx


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