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Last week I posted (here) about shaking up my training and starting again with a new mindset. Typically after talking about chronic illness and how it shapes fitness / lifestyle, mine started to step in and take over my plans for the week.

I’ve had a kidney infection for the last few weeks which has played havoc with my body, leaving me feeling weak and nauseous. This meant that I had to put aside my first full week of re-starting BBG and work around what my body was capable of doing day to day.


I still had some kidney pain and was feeling faint so I decided that I would do the recovery sessions. My body was tight and I had little flexibility to stretching and foam rolling sessions would hopefully lesson this and enable me to perform better when I was able to complete the resistance workouts. Avoiding using the roller on my lower back due to the kidney pain my Sweat with Kayla sessions were as follows…

Tuesday / Recovery – Upper body

Thursday / Recovery – Legs

Saturday / Recovery – Full body

Sunday / LISS Cardio – slow 5K run.

I spent Sunday resting as Friday and Saturday had involved a fair bit of driving and I was quite fatigued and uncomfortable. After lunch I went back to bed and read for a little while then decided to take the dogs out for a walk. The benefit of living in the countryside as opposed to the city is that there aren’t many street lights in the village and we regularly get beautiful sunsets that are completely mesmerising. The fresh air also did me the world of good and I felt that I could attempt a LISS session (Low Intensity Steady State) so  switched on my SWK app and completed a slow and steady 5K over the 40 minutes.  I felt a lot better when I got back to the house and it was good to finish the week off completing more than I thought would be possible.

I’m hoping that I can build on this during week 2, with sunsets like the one above I think getting outside is going to be a lot more appealing in the evenings! I also thought that in next weeks post I’d talk about the supplements that I am taking which help me stay as active as I can.

Here’s hoping to a relatively pain free week! Do you have any tips for coping with chronic illness and exercise? I’d love to here them!

Amy xx

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