Half term in Britain starting on a Bank Holiday weekend meant it had to start off with rain! Not just any old rain in this part of the country though – a full on thunder and lightening storm with torrential rain. After spending the previous afternoon sunning it up, giving us hope for an unusually sunny and hot bank holiday, we were then plummeted back into the depths of winter by the time school finished. Dramatic much??

Anyhow, after I was pretty sure a surge of lightening hit the house and in doing so knocked off the downstairs electricity, it appeared my argument for lighting the log burner was flawed as there was no way on God’s earth that anyone would be venturing to the shed for logs. That being so, I settled for the option of PJs and bed.

By Sunday the weather was much better thank goodness and we had an early start heading down to Lydden Hill in Kent for the World Rally Cross Championships. After a great day of racing we were all tired and less than enthusiastic about the traffic home. After being stuck on the motorway for hours and a little closer to home, we were treated to the most beautiful sunset while stuck in traffic once more, right next to Stonehenge.

I’ll probably be greeted by gasps at this statement – but I’m usually underwhelmed by Stonehenge! It’s so much smaller than I always expected, although no mean feat if the stones were in fact moved there by hand! This however, was just a WOW moment and my Iphone photo just doesn’t do it justice. Although completely exhausted it was the perfect end to a 16+ hour day.

Amy xx


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